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"Mariym provides a professional service that is thorough, accurate, and dependable. She educates during the process and develops exceptional documentation that includes insights for future considerations. I highly recommend her services."

-- UX, Designer

"Mariym is an excellent accountant, provides excellent service, and I have been using her service for many years. I have also recommended many people to her because of the excellent work she does. I will continue to use her service, and continue to recommend her any time."

-- Tech Manager,, Financial Corporation

"Mariym is very detail-minded and performed her responsibilities thoroughly and completely. She is prompt, courteous, and accurate in her work. She is a very faithful accountant and was a great asset to our organization."

-- Bookstore, Coordinator

"Mariym is very energetic and articulate. She has a great attitude, always positive, and moving forward. Mariym helped our company during some difficult financial times, when a lot of information needed to be provided to the bank and to the Federal Government. She was able to satisfy all accounts, to where this company has been able to go on and be the success it is today!"

-- President,, Lumber Company

"Mariym provides quick, accurate results, very personable to work with, has high qualities and high standards."

-- Program Manager,, Fullfilment Center

"Mariym was careful to learn our methods and maintain consistency with our recordkeeping decisions. She is also quite thorough in digging to the root of a problem or discrepancy. If you run a small business, she can really help you."

-- President,, Career Management Firm

"Commended for leadership, teamwork, and effectively monitoring costs and productivity."

-- Administrator,, American Hospital Association

"The quality of work is excellent, and can be relied on for its accuracy and dependability. An excellent attitude and adheres to instructions, rules, procedures, and regulations. Seeks out ways to document and improve methods. Can always be counted on to accomplish the task. Demonstrates an outstanding attitude and willingness to serve all levels of staff at the institute. Continues to demonstrate excellent dependability. I am quite pleased with productivity, as well as ongoing pleasant attitude. A good help to me."

-- Finance Director,, Research Institute

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